SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. - Terms and Conditions


Mutual confidence and good cooperation are the basic elements of a lasting business relationship. Nonetheless, we cannot refrain from negotiating general sales and delivery conditions with our customers for the sake of a uniform and prompt business handling, thus declaring null and void any other purchasing or sales conditions.

Agreements between the SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. and entrepreneurs or consumers:

1) Scope and definitions

1.1) The basis of an order or a contract will always be the general terms and conditions of business of SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. below. With the conclusion of a contract you confirm and acknowledge that you know them and that they are incorporated in the contract.

1.2) Terms and conditions of the buyer are hereby expressly contradicted, also for future commercial transactions. The General Terms and Conditions of SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. shall apply exclusively. This shall also be the case where ordering parties refer to their own diverging terms in a letter of confirmation.

1.3) Any agreed variations thereto shall only be binding if expressly confirmed in writing by SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd.. Such deviations are only valid for the particular business agreed upon.

1.4) Entrepreneurs within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions are all natural or legal persons or joint partnerships with legal capacity, in so far as they act in pursuit of their commercial or professional occupation on conclusion of the relevant legal transaction with us.

1.5) For the purposes of these General Terms of Business, consumer is to be understood as any natural person, who concludes a legal transaction with an object that can neither be ascribed to his/her commercial nor to his/her free-lance activity.

1.6) We are entitled to assign entitlements arising from our business relationships.

2) Offer

2.1) Our quotations are without engagement, unless a deviating provision is agreed in writing.

2.2) Technical details, advice or recommendations as well as assurance of qualities by our staff are only binding for us when they have been confirmed in writing.

2.3) Warranties and warranted properties shall apply only if they are confirmed separately in writing in the contract by SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd..

2.4) General product descriptions, drawings, samples, models, illustrations, dimensions or other details of performance are only approximate illustrative pieces. They are only binding, if they are expressly agreed as binding in a written confirmation letter.

2.5) Changes to construction - or form are reserved during the delivery period, to the extent that these are insignificant changes in performance and are reasonable for the ordering party.

3) Warranty / exclusion

3.1) Unless there are particular agreements in writing, the legal period of warranty shall be applied according to the ABGB.

3.2) The purchaser is responsible for promptly checking the products delivered by the seller for defects, quantity and quality and to immediately report to the seller any defects and deviations in quantity or quality.

3.3) Complaints and objections of any kind must be immediately notified in writing including a precise description of the fault, otherwise loss of warranty and damage compensation claims results.

Shall be given immediate written notice of all defects, stating the possible causes. This must be made to us immediately in writing, but not later than 7 days after receipt of delivery. Complaints and objections made orally, by telephone or not notified immediately will be rejected. Any hidden defects are to be communicated immediately after their discovery. After the carrying out of an agreed acceptance, notice of any defect which should have been detected during acceptance shall be excluded.

3.4) If the object of supply shows defects or if the scope of supply does not correspond to the confirmation of order or if promised features lack or if the object of supply becomes defective within the period of warranty, the Seller is entitled - excluding further warranty claims - to choose an option between maintenance or substitute delivery.

3.5) Notice of defects and objections of any kind have to be done at the place of the Contractor's domicile indicating the description of the fault as precise as possible and the customer has to pass over the defected materials or services. The seller has the right to to carry out improvements to any defects, to repair them or to provide replacement goods. The return dispatch of complained goods to the Seller has to be effected without costs for the latter and at the risk of the Buyer.

3.6) Customer has no warranty claims
- defects resulting from inappropriate handling or overstraining
- if the delivery item has been tampered with by a third person or altered by incorporating parts not originating from us
- if legal or our mounting and treatment instructions are not followed by the buyer or his customers, unless the deficiency does not result from this non-observance
- if the delivery item has been produced on the basis of the specifications, especially according to drawings, of the orderer, and the deficiency of the delivery item is caused by these specifications/drawings
- incorrect assembly or initial operation by the customer or third parties
- in the case of natural wear
- damage during transport
- improper storage
- in case of interfering operation conditions
- in case of chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences
- in case of non-performance of necessary services or insufficient maintenance.
- event of improper use or excessive use
- if legal provisions, or operation or installation instructions of SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. have not been followed

3.7) For any costs arising (installation, de-installation, transport,…)

3.8) Restrictions of warranty are to be assigned entirely to any buyers with the obligation for further assignment to further buyers.

3.9) property damage, pure financial losses and consequential damages are excluded, as well as shortcomings or defects, which were caused by misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation.

4) Final clauses

4.1) Data protection policies and standards may vary over time. To ensure our customers best possible protection SZ QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. is regularly adapting its privacy protection. Our customers will be advised of any changes on this web-page on a timely basis. Therefore, you should periodically check our privacy protection statements.


If you are aware of any violations of these Terms and Conditions, please report them.