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About us

Shenzhen QIOU Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide Technical Services, Development, Consulting, Engineering Design and Project Management for customers in the fields of industrial, digital solutions, process industries and sustainability.

Our story is simple but so dynamic.

A small company in Shenzhen emerged from a well-connected idea. Our broad vision of the future and our green safety products will make the company’s road smoother. We are happy to provide our great services & products in China.

Our Vision:

All our services and products are high quality.
Our products are sustainable and known for being environmentally friendly.
We want our customers to always trust us and be happy to recommend them to others.

Our Mission:

We believe in the power of innovation to drive change in everyday habits to protect present and future generations.
We want to reduce our impact on the environment and strive to protect nature, so our products are durable and green.


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Technical Service

3D Modeling

3D modelling using Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor or Creo (Pro/E).


Development project with version creation and direct cooperation with the customer.

Quality Control

Direct on-site quality control in China with a high level of trust.

CAD Draughting

2D Drawing using Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor/AutoCad or Creo (Pro/E).

3D-Printing & 3D Scan

We offer 3D printing & 3D Scanning services directly from us.

Translation Services

Development of new products directly at the manufaturer with translation services (Chinese, English, German).

For more information in detail, please download our company profile.

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For more information in detail, please download our company profile.

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Business Service's

Product control

We test your products on site, honestly and accuratly. TÜV, SGS are our partner for this.

Supplier/customer search in CN

We have access to many databases and also a large database ourself. We help with the search.

Product testing for Chinese companies

Is your Product ready for EU & USA? We test your product on all factors: Application, safety, software, translation,...

Help & Support Searching for companies in China

We can investigate your supplier and customer. From financial situation to on-site control with audit.

Customer search for Chinese companies in Europe.

We have good contacts in Europe. We speak and write in German and English.

Marketing service

We can support costumers from China and Europe for the marketing. We have all possibillities in China (TaoBao, WeChat, Weibo,...) and Europe (Newspaper, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter,...). Including Homepage Design with Hosting in CN or EU.

Shenzhen QIOU Technology Co.,Ltd.
128, Yinxing Technology Building, No.1301 Guanguang Road, Xinlan Community, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

400 881 6162